About Us

Wellness Bell™ LLC

Douglas, Wyoming

Wellness Bell® LLC was born in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic.  A cadre of healthcare professionals and bio-science researchers were puzzled that worldwide official responses seemed, by and large, to neglect natural approaches to maintaining robust health. 

Following established scientific principles, those scientists explored the ignored avenues, scoured the literature, and carefully formulated and painstakingly tested a combination of promising components.  Clinical results of adhering to protocols based on those formulations were then presented in peer-reviewed publications that have been positively referenced in scientific/medical journal and book citations.  The research findings, of protocol-use being associated with healthy outcomes over months at the height of the pandemic, have been shared worldwide by tens of thousands, to good effect.

 Wellness Bell is pleased to make available to the public its flagship product, QZQ® BOOST, based directly on the acclaimed protocols.