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Q: What’s the recommended daily amount of QZQ® BOOST

A: Recommended: Two (2) capsules each and every day for steady maintenance of healthy immune response. (If you’re running low on QZQ® BOOST and your new order isn’t arriving for a few days, try one per day or even less frequently, until the new order arrives.)

Q: Must QZQ® BOOST be taken with food?

A: The QZQ® BOOST capsules can be taken with or without food. But do have some liquid (water, juice, etc.) with the capsules to aid in complete swallowing. While maximum benefit of zinc seems to be had on an empty stomach (about 2 hours before/after closest meal), if you know--or find out--that you're sensitive that way to zinc, by all means have at least a small meal beforehand.

Q: Can I take both my daily QZQ® BOOST capsules together at one time?

A: You can take both your daily QZQ® BOOST capsules at one time, but it’s recommended to spread the intake over the day; for example, with one capsule in the morning and one in the evening. (If you’re taking more than two capsules, it’s also recommended to distribute them over your day.)

Q: Can QZQ® BOOST be used only for when there’s a higher-than-usual risk of getting sick (like during flu season, or when I’m with little kids)?

The experience of QZQ® BOOST users shows that best results for steady maintenance of healthy immune response come from every day intake of two (2) capsules. Users report that good protection in high-risk settings comes from temporarily increasing intake to three (3) or even to four (4) capsules daily. It’s recommended to spread the increased daily dose over the course of each day.

Q: Can QZQ® BOOST be started when I’m already sick?

Yes. To boost your immune response against such illness, the Study protocol recommends doubling the usual intake to four (4) capsules a day until symptoms improve, but not for more than seven (7) days. Even if not fully recovered after seven (7) days, reduce the daily capsule number to three (3) for several days and then return to and maintain two (2) capsules daily. It’s recommended to spread the higher doses over the course of each day; for example, with two capsules in the morning and two in the evening. (If symptoms worsen or persist undiminished for several days, consult your physician.)