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Airport, Store, Bus, Event, Doctor's Office ... You Name It

ODDS ARE somebody is EXHALING something you
DO NOT want to be INHALING.


OR you can boost with QZQ™ before, during, after you're exposed.

QZQ™ BOOST = Your Immune System's Armor


The short answer

QZQ™ BOOST delivers powerful components clinically shown to support your cells in their protecting you naturally against microbe invasion.

So you can go out there, and do what you do!

Why the components in QZQ™ BOOST?

What are the components in QZQ™ BOOST? 

Why Quercetin?

Quercetin is a powerful plant-derived bioflavonoid antioxidant.

This little molecular wonder helps:

  • Facilitate ZINC transport into your cells. Technically, quercetin is a zinc ionophore. (See below Why Zinc? for why you want ZINC to get into your cells.)
  • Empower your immune system to manufacture defense cells faster — and those protective cells are more powerful and capable. 

Also quercetin, itself, does cell protective duty: blocking viruses from entering cells; helping reduce inflammation, promoting heart health AND quercetin is an anti-diabetic.
Wellness Bell™ puts high concentrations of therapeutic grade quercetin in QZQ™ for optimum effectiveness.

Now, that’s just the first Q in QZQ™ BOOST.

Why Zinc?

Zinc is a solidly scientifically proven component for ramping up the immune system's defenses! When Zinc's in short supply, your immune response can be delayed, weak and incomplete.

A short list of Zinc's immuno benefits: 

  • Empowers many of your immune system's protective enzymes
  • Inhibits viruses from binding and infecting your cells
  • Strengthens your lungs and helps them clear “litter” (like virus particles) from cell surfaces inside your lungs
  • Tightens cell-to-cell junctures against microbial infiltration
  • Helps repair damaged lungs cells
  • Tamps down negative over-inflammation of immune response.

Zinc, the centerpiece of QZQ™ is amazing! (More? See Research)

Why Quinine?

Quinine of QZQ™ is extracted from Cinchona bark and, like the first Q in QZQ™ BOOST, this second Q is also a powerful zinc ionophore, bringing beneficial ZINC ions into your cells. (Cinchona extract supplies a rich variety of natural chemical cousins of hydroxychloroquine.)

Also quinine, itself, promotes anti-inflammatory responses, shielding your cells.

Besides QZQ's Quercetin and ZINC and Quinine, QZQ™ BOOST also contains Vitamins C, D and E—along with l-lysine, green tea extract (EGCG), as well as extracts of immune-boosting mushrooms.

Backed By Research

Read the landmark scientific research study (approaching 100,000 views/downloads) on QZQ™ BOOST components being used with clinically demonstrated success during the height of the first US wave of COVID-19.